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5 jobs in 1 (or more)

I sometimes scour through our local Newspaper looking for Contractual Graphic Design jobs, although most companies want full time persons. But you can never know if you offer your services contractually you just might get it. Anyway I recently came across a job in an Industry I rather like. So when I saw the heading I thought they were looking for three employees so I said to myself ‘cool’ they need someone in Communications – let me take a look.

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Getting back to the Art of Photography

Photography is one of my favourite Art forms. (But then again which artform isn’t) The fact that you are looking at a scene, landscape or enjoying an event with family and you practically freeze that moment, still boggles my mind to this day.

My first encounter with Photography was when I was a child and my ‘tutor’ was my father. He was always taking pictures of the family. He had a Halina 35x SLR. I get the feeling everybody is saying huh? It was  a heavy thing and we weren’t allowed to touch it – only if he was there. BUT that didn’t stop me from sneaking into the drawer and pulling the case and pretending to take pics. A photographer was born!

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Graphic Designers and Magic?

I believe in ‘magic’…….the ‘magic’ of Christmas that is, that great and unexpected things can happen.(You know like “It’s a Wonderful Life”) Not the hocus pocus mirrors and illusion bit. However, I didnt know that when I decided to hone my talent and study at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, that I was training to become a hocus pocus magician.

Now I believe that Graphic Design is an Art Form. Yes, you read correctly, it is an art form. It is the art of taking a product or service and showcasing it in a unique format, that captures its viewing audience and woos them into wanting and acquiring said product or service. It’s like a symphony of words, and colours and pictures, and the viewer gets engaged – same as any other Art Form. So why is it that designers get asked to do things only a magician could pull off?

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SPIDERMAN from Pencil to Photoshop


This ad was done very well – shows how hardworking ordinary Jamaicans are. Not the minority creating crime that the world tends to focus on.
I think the execution was spot on – no over acting or over extending to prove a point.

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