Idyagurl – Idea Girl, as the name suggests, I am known for my creative ideas especially in Graphic Design. I have always known I will be doing Graphic Design since I was 12 years old, I just didn’t know what I was always doing was Graphic Design. You know – like redrawing everybody’s face in the newspaper, adding drop shadow to the headlines and creating new ‘fancy’ fonts when doing a simple bake sale flier.

Over the years all areas of Creativity appealed to me. I still love painting, haven’t done any in a while, my Tutor in College was sure he was going to sway me from the sought after Graphic Design field into Fine Art, but I was determined to fulfil my hearts desire. I also did Ceramics in College as an elective, and Photography, which I absolutely love, was an all time favourite that my final year show was based on. My first love will always be Graphic Design, no matter how frustrating the industry gets, or how wacky advertising gets, the Art of Graphic Design will forever me a part of me.

Although I have worked on several major campaigns while working with Advertising Agencies, Publication design, topped it all, ever since working on SkyWritings, Air Jamaica’s inflight magazine after college. Although Publication projects are few and far between, since I’ve been Freelancing, I have specialised in that area. I even wanted to create a few magazines of my own, Photography, Christian life and Design of course. Then, I discovered Blogging, and have sought to use this media as my Online magazine. Where I can share my ideas on and about Design and share my personal experiences too, some good some not so good.

As a Designer I don’t feel the need to ‘think outside the box’ because “creativity was never in a box in the first place.”

Learn Web Design (coding as well)
Write and publish an epic Surreal novel!!!