These Covid times, have brought with it its share of woes. So many persons have died over the year past. So many are still sick. Hospitals are full. Curfews and Lockdowns. Theories and conspiracy theories. So much has happened…and is still happening.

You wonder if things will ever be normal…No…we will enter and stay in this “new” normal, which right now is just normal. We will all have to adjust, whether we like it or not.

I’m one of the few persons who relish the idea of working from home. Although I can, and my job is flexible that way, with the advent of more streaming and online interactions and meetings, I’m at work most of the time. However, I’m still fired up about the new things I’ve been doing. My last post was about These Creative Times that was just me putting my toes in the water, and realizing its warm. I think I’ve since gone calf/knee deep in video and audio editing, because there is so much more to learn. Streaming and streaming equipment now got me mucho excited, what we in Jamaica call a ‘gladis’ or in the north they say “geeking out” over.

So, at work I have a mammoth of a laptop. No, not old and slow, but big in specs and can handle a lot. Pre-covid, streaming was, me, a cellphone, and a cellphone tripod. I show up hooked it up and went live on facebook. Fast forward…we’ve been using YouTube to stream, facebook fans got sloppy seconds, sorry guys. So I learnt about OBS (Open Broadcaster Softwarea free and open source software for video recording and live stream) and still learning, I think it’s cool. Then we got cameras and had to add capture card and HDMI cables and audio cables and audio mixer, so we learnt about those as well. My head would spin some of the times. Not to mention when you’ve figure out something through trial and error, then you set it up for another session….something goes out of whack! That’s tech for yah!

There are times I would just hand over the new items to the younger guys on the team. And then let them show me…🤭🤦🏽‍♀️ cop out?…yes…but the pace at which we’ve been moving globally and as an organization we have to save on time because an event needs this now!! We are basically catching up. Some of the programs and equipment, I knew we would need, but sometimes I held back my request because of cost. Now we have no choice we have to hop to it. And I am hopping in, learning and doing, and enjoying it too. I know this will help me in the long run.

We’ve realised though, that although we are learning the basics of all of this and can function. There is so much more we need to learn and do, so we are going to set aside that time to do this and to hone in on our individual skills and strong suits.

For me, designing the overlays and lower thirds in Presenter by Worship Extreme. Designing opening images in Adobe Photoshop, sometimes automated done in Premiere. I’m now running through some tutorials for Adobe After Effects, to take those intros to another level, with some hesitation, but going at it none-the-less.

I think overall I just love learning new creative programs, especially when it helps me in my work. I look forward to this ‘new’ area even with Covid passing through. Mentally, what I’m doing also helps me. Along with my family, I have work to focus on to drive me, to keep me sane and so when I watch the devastating news…sigh, I don’t sink into depression, I try to find how I can use my creativity to keep persons positive, alert and informed.

What new things are you learning in these Covid times?

– Creatively Yours

PS: Preview image is not my set up – I wish – Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash