I was hearing this statement so often from a ‘client’ that I started to take it as an insult.

I still love Graphic Design, despite the bastardisation of this Art Form. Although half of my friends/college mates have long gone and moved on to greener creative pastures. I took a silent vow to stay put. Sigh! However, my creative joy is wavering. It stems from working with clients who do not know what they want. Especially when dealing with marketers.

Now, in an Advertising Agency, the Marketers are the Account Executive. Meaning the person in charge of that ‘account’ aka client. They meet directly with the client get the directive and then pass on the info to us lowly Designers.

It’s a little different when you are hired as an in-house Designer. Sometimes you are there for the meetings, and sometimes they already know what they want so the Marketing manager passes on the info for you to ‘make magic’. However, although everyone knows the directive, there are a few with the mentality of ‘I will know, when I see it’.
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