Yes. You need a logo.
That’s it.
I can end my Blog here – but my word count is below normal. So I will explain further.

A logo: (as defined by is a graphic representation or symbol of company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.

The word logo is actually short for logotype which in essence means that the name of a business could be stylised to create the ‘logo’. Images such as Apple’s Apple or McDonald’s golden arches, have been called logo, but are actually logomarks or Symbols or better known as Icons. This will help you in deciding what you really want to use to define your brand.

Yes you need a logo. Even if your name is your brand, get a designer to sit down with you and go through typefaces that looks like you, so to speak, epitomizes what you are about, what your company does and how you want to present yourself. It’s best to let your designer know what style you want first and try not to go through thousands of typefaces, your head will be reeling and you will be left confused. Using the typeface as is, is not quite making it into a logo. That’s where your designer will take that and make it unique only to you.

Do I need a logoYes you need a logo. A logo can separate you from all the other persons that do what you do, and when seen, customers will link back to you always. Whether you choose a combination of logotype with icon or just the stylised type. It gives you an edge makes your small business even more legitimate and authentic. If you are just starting out I would advise against going straight to icon. My reason is it’s best to get you name out and about before you start promoting your icon.

So when you choose a Designer to do your logo, and I think you should, ensure you equip them with all the details of what you would like. Write down words that describe you or your business, and let them know what colours you like or don’t like. In other words give them a clear description of what makes you or your business tick.


If you already have a ‘logo’ look at it again and again. Is it really you, does it epitomise your business, is it easily identifiable in a slew of designs? If not, you might consider redoing it. If Google can do it, why can’t you? It doesn’t have to be a drastic overhaul, maybe some tweaking, as we call it, to make it more unique and to make it more you.

– Creatively Yours