Here is another Commercial that I really like. The music, the vantage point of the camera, and the extra ordinary people who call themselves Farmers. (I couldn’t do it, don’t have the patience) It’s what I would call another ‘Feel good ad’ – but this time with purpose.

“Grow with Hi Pro” shows the company is more than just selling products – it shows they have a vested interest in their customers. It also shows the lush landscape of the countryside – I don’t know about you – but I like stuff like that, it makes me ‘feel good’ something we constantly need in this country.

Kudos to Hi-Pro and their marketing/advertising team for realising the importance of advertising. As well as going all out with it, nothing half-baked in this ad. The use of the camera crane jib boom as well as I think I see some Drone angles in there, makes the production come together nicely.  Heck it made me want to grow something with Hi Pro – then I remember my fern, think I’ll stick to design.

Congratulations team (because it is a team effort) didn’t find who produced it but rest assured as soon as we find out I will update this post.

Take a look.