I sometimes scour through our local Newspaper looking for Contractual Graphic Design jobs, although most companies want full time persons. But you can never know if you offer your services contractually you just might get it. Anyway I recently came across a job in an Industry I rather like. So when I saw the heading I thought they were looking for three employees so I said to myself ‘cool’ they need someone in Communications – let me take a look.

Gasp! I quickly realised this is not for me! You take a look.

How many jobs here2

Now I don’t know about you but I saw clearly 5 different jobs(maybe more) in this one request. Now I know as employees you are sometimes given added tasks according to your capability and adaptability. Personally, I feel that an employer should make sure an employee does what he/she is good at – not a hodge-podge of different things. Something will suffer.

At EMCVPA my major was Graphic Design with a minor in Photography and Ceramics. I also did a semester of Jewelry, Painting and Sculpture but I would not say I am an expert in these areas I have knowledge of it. So although I do some Beading now – I would never call myself a Jeweler – because I have never used a  ring sizer, a bench vice,  a torch or those little hammers in various sizes. Which are some of the things a Jeweler uses on a daily basis. Me. I use beading wire and beads – that’s it!  Oh I also did a little piano at EMCVPA – that does not make me a pianist.

Ok, I’m getting to the point. A Marketing Course according to Penn State University covers: 1) Marketing Strategy, 2) Promotion, 3) Market Planning, 4) Distribution, 5) Industrial Marketing, 6) Retailing and Wholesaling, 7) Target Marketing, 8) International Marketing, 9) Market Segmentation, 10) Services Marketing, and 11) Pricing. So your basic research oriented course – Promotion may cover a little Graphic Design but it takes more than a ‘little’ to be a Graphic Designer. I didn’t see Photography or HTML/Dreamweaver. Where as this is not an exhaustive list – because our very own University of the West Indies (UWI) has courses such as Statistics, Economics, Research Strategy and Business Strategy among others. These are the fundamental things that a Marketer is trained to do. So they may dabble or have done a semester or two, maybe electives in IT or CSS. It is my opinion that asking all this of an employee ought not to be. Like I said something will suffer.

Unless the Marketer just turns around and hires a Graphic Designer
– then I’m available – call me!


So I posted the ad in our local Design Association – with a statement that I hope one day the Association will be in a position to send a letter to companies such as these – to let them know that, that’s 5 jobs not 1. Suffice it to say most persons agree that it was at least 5 jobs, that clients/employers keep asking for things like this, that things like this had to stop etc. I was also reminded that the association can’t do anything because Employers have the right to ask an employee to do anything they want. Hmmmm doesn’t sound right if you think of the worse case scenario…”jump off a cliff”…”yes boss”…Nope doesnt sound right. Someone actually said the association shouldn’t make it their duty to tell a company how to run its business  AND that it’s tantamount to “a piece of feistiness”

Now I was taken aback by this because my suggestion was well intended. But to each his own – and everybody has an opinion. However, I did not mean that the association should march into employers offices all ‘feisty’ and tell them “You can’t do that!” No, it’s an association and as such the aim, along with maintaining connection and Inspiring…is to Educate, and good governance would also help our Industry. Creating clear definitions of all Career types associated with Design so that new comers will know what is actually required of them when going after a job and in case they are asked to do more, then they will know that their salary package should reflect added tasks.

With an association, creating clear guidelines, it will help Designers gain the respect and recognition that is grossly overdue and are not be left behind at the bottom of the proverbial pile.

– Creatively Yours