I believe in ‘magic’…….the ‘magic’ of Christmas that is, that great and unexpected things can happen.(You know like “It’s a Wonderful Life”) Not the hocus pocus mirrors and illusion bit. However, I didnt know that when I decided to hone my talent and study at Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, that I was training to become a hocus pocus magician.

Now I believe that Graphic Design is an Art Form. Yes, you read correctly, it is an art form. It is the art of taking a product or service and showcasing it in a unique format, that captures its viewing audience and woos them into wanting and acquiring said product or service. It’s like a symphony of words, and colours and pictures, and the viewer gets engaged – same as any other Art Form. So why is it that designers get asked to do things only a magician could pull off?

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