Advertising is the method of announcing, informing or displaying a product or service in order to get persons, interested in the product or service.

It is communicated through various media forms- such as Radio, Television, Press/Print ads and out-door Advertising.

Advertising has evolved since the invention on the first printing press. We now have various Social Media methods such as WordPress, Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Instagram, Google+, tumblr, Vine, Pinterest…. and the list goes on and on and on. I have come across some I have never even heard of before. Check it.

However, no matter how advanced, or quick or modern we get in advertising, when it comes to the Graphic Design aspect of advertising the basic principles for (2d) still remains.

  1. The layout must be eye-catching and effective.
  2. Headlines must be strong and direct.
  3. Photo or Illustration must be impactful – and conveys message more easily.
  4. If you have body copy – it must be precise – not an epistle.
Stop poster
Ad using text as the ‘image’

I have seen ads that companies have listed their 50 million dealers (island wide) and a crappy image of their product. What’s being sold here, the location of their business or their product? In this day and age all you need is a 1-888 number (1-800 for the rest of the world) an email address and a website would be good too. That’s if you are a big corporation with 50 million dealers island wide. For businesses that are not quite that big – your main number and email address is all you need. Does anybody still use fax? If so, this does not have to be on the ad – when business has started between you and your customer that exchange can be made then.

I can’t stress enough about IMAGE, there is a whole paragraph on it in my Freelancer post. Human beings use eyes first to look and assess something, you can get all the psychologist to psych you out where that is concerned, BUT the fact still remains that happens first. We look at the image and this is what compels us to read after. However, the image is not always a photo, WHAT! The image can be the text – it can be written in such a way that it draws you into the ad. This is where good use and choice of type comes in. You can’t expect to use a script font in all caps (all capital letters) and expect someone to read that. More on Font next time.

My perfect ad is one where the image dominates – you can’t help but look – and then itty bitty text. Done! But, alas, I live in a country where clients say, add more text, make the logo bigger, put all our branches, we want people to find us easily, Oh and we have some pics we took on our phone can you use that? NOT for a billboard!! Sigh, some do get it though, and I’m not one to say, less is more, ( this does not apply in all cases) but in order to win over customers, you have to reel them in to your brand with impactful subtlety.


– Creatively Yours